Values and Principles

The Democratic Party of McLean County in Illinois believes in a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Further, the Party celebrates the unique character of McLean County resulting from the confluence of contributions emerging from labor, business, industry, education, recreation, the arts, and agricultural sectors within the county. The values and principles of the McLean County Democratic Party follow:

  1. EQUAL RIGHTS, with dignity and respect for all individuals regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, color, economic status, disability, age, occupation, or national origin. Further, the Party seeks to assure its membership reflects these areas of diversity.
  2. HEALTH CARE as a right not a privilege that is affordable, accessible, and of high quality for all residents of McLean County, including veterans, and which includes reproductive choice.
  3. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES that provide adequate living wages that support decent and safe housing with equal pay for equal work, sustain and enhance economic development, and maintain local standards for recruiting, hiring, promoting, recompensing individuals, and resolving disputes legally and fairly.
  4. SAFETY OF INDIVIDUALS within the workplace, schools and universities, public and recreational venues, hospitals/clinics, residences, neighborhoods, places of worship, parks and other common-gathering areas, transportation centers and their respective modes of transport, including that which threatens individuals via irresponsible gun ownership.
  5. PROTECTION OF THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, based on scientific evidence, in order to sustain clean air, clean water, clean soil, the increased use of sustainable energy, including solar, wind, bio-fuels, recycling, including supporting the safe transportation and transmission of all fuel sources and appropriate clean disposal of waste materials.
  6. QUALITY EDUCATION/TRAINING for all residents, including preparation of workers for the trades, crafts, arts, apprenticeships, and public support for low-income individuals to obtain post-secondary education.
  7. FAMILY SUPPORT through greater access of public day care/preschool education programs, family leave policies for parents, safe after-school programs, and tax and legal protection for family-owned farms.
  8. PARTICIPATION IN GOVERNMENT by the governed that is enhanced by barrier-free access to voting, full exercise of the right to assemble, exercise of free speech, access to public documents, and opportunities to participate in candidacy for office, serving on public boards, commissions, committees, etc., including the governance of this Party.
  9. RIGHT TO ORGANIZE FOR ALL EMPLOYEES for the purposes of collective bargaining, or form unions to address issues such as employees, working conditions, safe and non-hostile environments, including freedom from sexual, racial, bullying or other harassment, and fulfillment of contracted, publicly-funded pensions for city, county, and state employees, including fire fighters, police, teachers, health care workers, etc.
  10. SAFE AND SERVICEABLE TRANSPORTATION for county residents, including adequate streets, public transit, bicycle and walking paths.
  11. CRIMINAL JUSTICE that ensures fair and equal treatment for all individuals who have contact with law enforcement, the systems of incarceration, and the judicial system, which includes programs that divert individuals from jail whenever possible by providing mental health assessment and lower or no bond for individuals who present no threat to society.

Values and Principles of the McLean County Democratic Party Approved by McLean County Central Committee: January 17, 2019