State of the Party

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A message from Erik Rankin, Chair of McLean County Democrats: 

One year ago, I had the honor of becoming chair of the McLean County Democrats. Yesterday, I presented a report of our incredible year. As you read through this 2018/19 Annual Report, you will see how far we’ve come, our many successes, and the number of initiatives that are currently underway. Make no mistake: McLean County Democrats are strong and we are passionate!

The strength of our Party lies in our volunteers and Precinct Committee People. Volunteers turned out in record numbers for the 2018 midterm elections. Our precinct people are a critical network of volunteers working at every level to support our local Party and connect with voters in their precincts.

The heart and passion of our work as a Party rests in our coalition building. We are strengthening and building relationships with NAACP, Indivisible, Black Lives Matter, local unions, DSA, Moms Demand Action, Stonewall Democrats, ISU College Democrats, IWU College Democrats, Voices of Reason, and with many other groups and around other core issues.

The 2018 midterm election was a breakthrough year for the McLean County Democrats. Together, we have raised funds in excess of $100,000. We also

• received an historic Blue Wave grant to build Party infrastructure;
• engaged volunteers throughout the campaign and election season;
• supported a record number of local Democratic candidates; and
• supported the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois.

As we look forward to 2019 and 2020, our Party will focus on reaching out to engage Democrats throughout McLean County; investing in ongoing training for our precinct committee persons, candidates, and campaign leadership; and securing our future as a vibrant, viable political choice in McLean County.

We can’t do it without you. Please accept this invitation to become a sustaining member of the McLean County Democrats, attend a meeting, volunteer, or come to one of our events. Our future is challenging, hopeful, and exciting.


Erik Rankin, Chair

McLean County Democrats