Roosevelt Award & Dinner

Each winter, the McLean County Democrats host an event honoring Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States, architect of the New Deal and Commander-in-Chief during World War II. Eleanor Roosevelt was First Lady, first Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, prolific writer, and advocate for democracy, civil rights, and social justice. 

At the Honoring the Roosevelts Dinner, we honor a member of the McLean County Democrats who has provided outstanding service to our local Party.

Past Roosevelt Award Winners

2003   LaurenceYeast
2004   Francis Irvin 
2005   Dorothy Deany
2006   Michael Matejka
2007   John Jordan Moore
2008   Betty Kinser 
2009   Thomas D. Whalen 
2010   Carol Reitan 
2011   Barb Bialeschi, Bernice Eddy, and Dolores Epley
2012   Martin Krutke 
2012   Tom Robey 
2014   John Whalen
2015   George & Myra Gordon
2016   Merlin Kennedy & William Frinsko
2017   Ronn Morehead 
2018   Jim Larkin
2019   Lola Equality Augstin & Kay Moss