McLean County Democrats Respond to 2020 County Board Committee Assignments

December 10, 2020

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Media Contact: Elle Reinhart
McLean County Democrats Communications Chair
Phone: (309) 533-3418
Email: [email protected]
For Immediate Release: December 9, 2020

Media Release

McLean County Democrats Respond to 2020 County Board Committee Assignments

The Interim Chair of the McLean County Democratic Central Committee, John Whalen, issued the following statement in regards to the recent announcement by the McLean County Board chair announcing the committee assignments for the upcoming term.

"I am responding to the McLean County Board’s actions regarding the lack of equitable leadership positions for the new 2 year term. We recently endured a divisive and difficult national election which appears to be carrying over into local politics.

History indicates that our local Democrats have increased their seats to 45% since 2018, yet Democrats currently hold only 31% of the committee assignments. Republicans are chairing 95% of the standing committees and sub committees with only one Democrat, who has 10 years of board experience, being granted a Vice Chair position.

The current situation is clearly out of sync with the voters of McLean County who have demonstrated the need for a balanced approach to county government. This version of committee assignments does not reflect a balanced county board or the will of the people.

The McLean County Democrats will continue to work diligently to represent and advocate for our constituents. We will voice our concerns regarding the inequities and strive toward a balanced local government that reflects all sectors of our community."