The McLean County Democratic Party remains committed to building a better, fairer and brighter future for everyone who lives here — including those who immigrate here. And we support providing shelter, food, education, and necessary medical care to those in need regardless of immigration status.

The anti-immigrant resolution proposed by Chuck Erickson for adoption by the McLean County Board is a desperate attempt to politicize an emergent border issue that is best resolved at the federal level not a largely rural, county board in the middle of Illinois.

More importantly, the resolution runs counter to McLean County’s ethos and character as a diverse, inclusive, and caring community that has historically welcomed people from all over the world to study, work, and make central Illinois their home.

The Town of Normal and the City of Bloomington in tandem with the Emergency Management Agency have already coordinated with NGOs, nonprofits, and other facilities to develop a plan of action should our county me called upon to help meet this humanitarian challenge.

Our county, from the twin cities which have established themselves as dedicated to welcoming immigrants, to our rural communities, must follow the rule of law and state guidance with regard to providing assistance and services for every human being. And we should do so with respect, compassion, and dignity.