The McLean County Democratic Party welcomes collaboration with affiliate groups sharing Democratic values and principles. Groups and non-partisan candidates sharing our Democratic Values and Principles may request use of the Democratic Headquarters, copier, Votebuilder, and other resources. To become an established affiliate group with the McLean County Democrats, please sign and submit the statement below electronically to [email protected] and to the Office Manager. All affiliate members are urged to become sustaining members of McLean County Democrats.


Headquarters (HQ) is located at 422 N Main Street, Bloomington, Illinois. The HQ is used primarily for general party business and committee work and campaigns. In addition, with prior arrangement, the HQ may be used for activities supporting currently elected Democratic officials, affiliated groups, nonpartisan candidates, and other efforts or causes supported by the Democratic Party of McLean County. Please see the Democratic Headquarters Use Policy for additional information.

Votebuilder for Non-partisan Candidates

If non-partisan candidates would like to also request use of Votebuilder, please see the Non-Partisan Candidate Statement for more information and to request the use of Votebuilder. Note: the McLean County Democratic Party does not endorse any candidates in nonpartisan races. However, the Party does believe the Democratic agenda will benefit from having more elected officials who support the Democratic platform in local offices, whether partisan or not.


[email protected]

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