"Everything will be fine, I saw the sign"

March 25, 2019

As you probably already know, the McLean County Democrats have a new permanent headquarters! Located in historic Downtown Bloomington at 422 N. Main St. , we can now open our office daily as a gathering place for meetings, committee work, and community events. This new, permanent home will send the message that we are a vital part of the community and our growing Party is here to stay!

You can help sponsor the sign that will proudly hang out front of our new Democratic headquarters. Be part of history here.


"Around the nation, around the world
What's been going down?
A million voices, one question hurled
Heard in every town
All of the people, one simple plea
What will happen now?
Asked in concern for their destiny
Got to know somehow

They say
Everything will be fine
I saw the sign"
- The Sign, The Human League