A powerful Women’s History Month essay and video from Shayna Watchinski:

March 11, 2019

For Women’s History Month I would like to encourage and raise up our next generation of leaders. The teenage girls whose natural fearlessness and determination will strike fear in the status quo and move mountains as if they were feathers. From national heroes like Emma Gonzalez to local leaders like the students I’ve met through BN Youth Activists. I dedicate this poem from Erin May Kelly on why teenage girls are stronger than you think. You continue to inspire me with your strength, passion, and dedication.

"I hope she knows that the moment she was born
She was given a list of things that she cannot do
Because she is small and breakable and female
And I hope she reads about all those women
who shoved that list into their mouths
chewed it up, and spat it out
Because they did not owe shit to the world
that thought so little of teenage girls"

-"Little Girls Don’t Stay Little Forever" by Erin May Kelly